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When people talk about “Logistics” in everyday life, everyone creates his own image and his own mental scheme. This image is always different and often not as well defined as is the case for most business functions.

Wikipedia defines “Logistics” as follows:

Logistics is the set of organizational, managerial and strategic activities that govern the flow of materials and related information in the company from the origins at the suppliers to the delivery of the finished products to the customers and the after-sales service.

Logistics is undoubtedly a valuable activity for all companies since the reduction of costs can be huge, especially as regards the branch of inventory management and “Supply Chain Management” which have always been two unsolved problems in the business economy. The optimization of flows ranging from the processing of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product and after-sales is an essential aspect for any successful company.

The Logistics Cycle

– Analysis and study of flows
– Procurement
– Transportation
– Storage
– Withdrawal
– Packing
– Distribution
– Returns management

Warehouse Logistics:

– Customized goods storage areas
– Order management in RF (radio frequency)
– Order withdrawals (Picking)
– Packing


– National
– International

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